Lady Mae

20 Things I am NOT

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I introduced a bit of who I am already. But I wanted to carry that over and give more of an insight of how human I am.

Fashion Follower

I don’t get fashion. What I see as runway fashion seems more like Picasso paintings come to life, and not in a good way. Occasionally I’ll look at watered down images of the latest fashion designs. What I do pull from it are colors, style, and ideas. From there I see what I may like to try or add but overall, I rarely am a follower.


I will be frank. I barely passed my High school government class. And I’m pretty sure my teacher passed me because A) I actually tried to do all my work on my own (no cheating or collective brain work on individual assignments) B) I asked a million questions, C) I was well-behaved D) because he didn’t want me in his class next semester.

Financial Advisor

The only advisement I’ll be doing is what I learned from my mistakes and what so far has and has not worked in our family’s journey to debt free and living life to its fullest.

Picture Perfect

Most days I’m in jeans and a t-shirt, with a half-done ponytail and a burp cloth at hand. I have a teething slobber monster. My house has things boxed up not nicely displayed out (though that is a goal for 2018). I get it no one is going to look like they walk out of a magazine all on there own without a ton of help or OCD. That’s way too stressful to keep up on a regular basis.


Before I met Mr. Nerd I rarely took photos with my phone. Now that Wiggle-worm is here, of course, I’m taking more. He’s the more photo happy of us two and I’m just learning now that I should have taken more photos myself throughout my life and what I will regret not getting photos of later on.


As I stated before Myself is my least favorite topic. Not that I can’t or won’t talk about myself because I promise you I will come up. But I’m not a braggart or one that wants to show off. I’ll share what I’ve done because I want to help YOU!

Grammar Nazi

Again I’m not perfect and that includes my editing skills. As much as I like literature, I’ve always had issues learning and understanding all the “rules” that come with writing. For example, it seems my editing software keeps shouting at me that I’m in a passive tone. If any of you have a better way to explain and fix my writing, better than telling me to add “by zombies” to the end, please go ahead.


I try my best to be original. So I’ll try my best to not sound like a joke you’ve heard elsewhere.


I prefer to hear both sides of a debate to develop my own opinion. Generally, I can find positive points hidden within all the information.

Brand Mentality

While yes I will use brand name items on occasion. Rarely will it be because it has the brand name.


I prefer to see the positive in life but I also am realistic and as you’ll begin to see as I share more, the negative has had a large impact on my life so far.


This is who I really am. I’m going to be as honest as I can be, it won’t be pretty pictures of perfect presentation when in reality that’s the only clean and organized space in the house.


While I may judge others at first glance, which honestly we all do I try not to let it impact my actions. I’m not racist and I don’t really have a hard grasp on stereotypes. But I will be honest if I’m in a sketchy area and you look tough I’ll probably speed walk away and stay towards the light. But stop me politely and ask for directions I’ll try to help, though fair warning I’m directionally challenged.


This won’t be a travel blog. I won’t be going out each weekend to hike a mountain or to some exotic place and eat good food. Most weekends we end up cleaning from the week and having family time or visiting friends occasionally.

Glory Hound

I’m not one to do something with purely the intent to boost my name out there. I’ll take pride in my work but glory isn’t even in my line of sight.

Drama Queen

I’m not one to know what’s going on in the world on a day to day basis unless it is monumental news. And even then I may still be the last to know. On the rare chance, I am one of the first to know and its mind boggling for me. I don’t go seeking gossip or drama.


As a child, I rarely went on vacations with my family. Now with my own family, so far our travel plans max for a week and are only about a half day’s drive from home. So don’t expect this to be a record of all the amazing places we go to each week.


I’m not one to spend money much outside of essentials. Actually, my weak point on budgeting has always been grocery shopping. If I want something else I really think over it and then determine the cheapest way I can get it, and if I can afford it. Again if I suggest something its going to be something actually needed.


I’m writing from my experiences. Where I’ve grown from and paint an image of where I’m going. I’m sharing this with good intent. Yes, I’ve made mistakes. But I’m smart. I’m not a simpleton just doing the same as others. Nor am I stupid.


Normal is overrated.



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